Importing Mailchimp Contacts

At the moment, we do not have an option to import your Mailchimp contacts to FAM. :( 

It's something we have in the pipeline (for real for real) BUT we do have a work around for you...

As we use Shopify to import all your store information, contacts included, you'll need to set up ShopSync with your Shopify account. The instructions can be found here:

This is also a pretty good video on how to do it yourself:

Once you've done that, we can import all the contacts from your Shopify store, as well as your Mailchimp lists. 

That said, some users reported that ShopSync sometimes doesn't sync the data correctly. :(

Unfortunately, there is very little we can do about ShopSync as we are not the owners of that app, but if that happens, you can try manually exporting the subscribers from MailChimp and importing them to Shopify.

We're aware this isn't ideal, and we're sorry for that. Once we have this Mailchimp import functionality live, you can bet we'll let you know. :)

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