How billing works

Fam is billed every month on your Shopify invoice cycle just like any other Shopify app. All billing is through Shopify's billing portal and FAM does not invoice you directly. 

How your bill is calculated

FAM charges a base price of $20/mth + $.05 per dollar made after you cross $500 in revenue generated by FAM.

Example: FAM generates you $750 in revenue. You pay $32.5.

Broken down - $20 for the base fee, and $.05 * $250 (the excess after the $500 cap), totaling $32.50. Not bad for making $750!

Alternatively, if FAM generates you $480 in revenue, then your bill will remain $20 for the month since you did not cross the $500 threshold for the $.05 per dollar pricing to begin.

All our pricing is in USD.

How we attribute revenue to FAM

Revenue is attributed to FAM if any of the following happens:

  • 3-day attribution if a subscriber opens an email and purchases.
  • If a subscriber clicks through an email and purchases.
  • Clicks through an email link and purchases in that session (disregarding 3 day period; could be 100 days after the email is originally clicked)

Keep in mind many ESPs and other marketing software have way more aggressive metrics (5-7 day attribution, an email open, email opens at any time). We made our attribution metrics more friendly and concise so it's undeniable you're getting results from using FAM.

Our revenue attribution excludes any purchases made through your ReCharge or subscription orders.

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