Types of Emails

We currently have three emails on-the-ready:

Instagram emails:

Emails that promote your store branding, customer lifestyle, and evoke fear of missing out (FOMO) by showing customers your product. Sometimes these IG product emails don’t show product at all, which have shown to convert just as well as the others. Be sure to add your company Instagram handle in your "Settings" page of FAM. 

Welcome emails:

After you've approved this email, it goes out continuously to all new subscribers. These emails use unique codes that auto-apply, and cannot be used more than once. The unique codes also prevent subscribers from using them on subscription/ReCharge orders. 

Promotional emails:

These emails are created for you based on holidays and events, such as Memorial Day, Labor Day, Christmas, etc. We suggest them to you on your dashboard and you can choose to approve or skip them. We recommend approving them since, you know, making money is cool.

We do have other types of emails in the pipeline, as these are just to start. If you have any other type of email you'd like to see, then please write back so we can take it into account. :)

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